Paying (Some) Recurring Payments With Bitcoin

In my previous article, I wrote about the failing first payment with my Coinbase Card. Honestly, I thought this was due to the first payment in combination with the type of card terminal the shop was using.

You can also read that I gave it another shot when I went…

Paying (Some) Recurring Payments With Bitcoin

Last week, I finally received my Coinbase card after waiting two full weeks, so a bit longer than the 5–7 business days mentioned in the Coinbase Card FAQ.

The activation of the card was very easy. …

Paying (Some) Recurring Payments With Bitcoin

Every month, I automatically budget the money left on my personal bank account after I contributed to our joint account which is used for groceries, mortgage, savings et cetera.

I put every Euro left in my personal account in separate “jars”, which is a feature of my bank. …

6% Interest per Year on Bitcoin With BlockFi

Disclaimer: I am definitely not a financial expert and this is certainly not any advice or whatsoever. This is not an in-depth article, but just a quick-read/simple article to share a tiny bit of my experience with BlockFi, although I am only using their services for a very short time.


Norbert L.

Bitcoin/Crypto Enthusiast

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